Touching the World with Your Charitable Vision

Inspired Life Centers, Inc. is a 37-year-old, 501(c)(3) faith-based public charity. During the first life cycle (1976 to 2002), under the leadership of Douglas McQuistan, Inspired Life Centers sponsored various charitable humanitarian and spiritual projects around the world. Since 2002, the second life cycle, under the leadership of Greg Johnson and Lonnie McQuistan, Inspired Life Centers has pursued a path of providing individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to equip them to take personal responsibility for their passionate charitable dreams and aspirations.

Taking personal responsibility for their own personal charity is much more than just making charitable contributions to a church or a charity, it is a series of lifestyle decisions that blends together personal estate and business resources into a charitable platform where the individual's personal charity can be freely accomplished. The tools Inspired Life Centers advocates and provides are unique and powerful, providing an unusual opportunity to really be effective in the accomplishment of personal charitable goals and objectives.

The goal of Inspired Life Centers is to closely emulate the early philanthropic foundations, giving an individual the opportunity to more freely express his own vision of charity. Yes, there are rules that must be observed, but nothing like the compliance issues associated with the private foundation. The charitable investment trust very effectively replaces the private foundation with the additional capability of actually being a fully operational charity.

Clearly, an individual who desires to commit his assets to the accomplishment of personal charity in the tradition of J. Paul Getty, Howard Hughes, Paul Allen and Bill Gates will always be handsomely rewarded. Of course the reward of pride of accomplishment in being charitable is the primary motivation enjoyed by those engaged in their personal charitable work. Still, the collateral benefits to being charitable are seriously considered in the structuring and execution of a private charity. Within the private charity environment, personal estate and business assets enjoy an unprecedented protection in the areas of tax planning, asset protection and estate planning.

The Spiritual Walk:

The Three Sisters (Aug 8, 2010):

1. Institute for Inspired Living

2. Inspired Community Equity Solutions

3. Global Response Institute

Missions and Ministries:

Innovative Solutions Institute

Institute for Human Empowerment

Center for Financial Empowerment

Operation: Hero Link

Life Resources Institute

Sustainable Living Destination Resorts

True Net Zero Energy

Inspired Life Centers Initiative

Golden Harvest Initiative

Affiliate For-Profit Enterprises:

Inspired Mining Enterprises

Synergistic Resources

In Memory of:

Bonnie McQuistan

J. Richard and Carolee Ewing